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zAmmo-22-250-Var   3 Boxes, 60rds of 22-250 Ammo
zAMMO-BP-Blanks   45 Long Colt Hollywood/Movie Black Powder Blanks
zAmmo-7.63-Mauser   7.63 Mauser Pistol Ammo, SB, 76 RD Lot
zAmmo-Aguila-Colibri-   Aguila Colibri 22 (LR) 20 GR Colibri SubSonic Lead 50 Bx
zAmmo-Aguila-Intercepter   Aguila Interceptor 22 (LR) 40 GR Solid Point 500 Brick
zAmmo-Aguila-Rifle-Target-Comp   Aguila Rifle Match Competition Standard Velocity 22 (LR) 40 GR Lead Round Nose 500 Brick
zAmmo-Aguila-Stand-Velocity   Aguila Standard Velocity 22 (LR) 40 GR Solid Point 500 Brick
zAmmo-Aguila-Super-Colibri   Aguila Super Colibri 22 (LR) 20 GR Subsonic Ultra-quiet Lead 50 Bx
BKGA-AmmoBallistics   American Ammunition and Ballistics
zAmmo-BBM-HV22   BBM High Velocity 22 (LR) 40 GR Copper-Plated Round Nose 500 Brick
BKOW-BillyKidLincolnCo   Billy the Kid, The Robin Hood of Lincoln County
BKOW-BloodyBorder   Bloody Border
Bush-90212   Bushmaster 90212 XM-15 AR-15 Carbine A2 5.56 16" HB 30+1 (Factory New)
Bush90289-Patrolman   BUSHMASTR 90289 A3 223 PATROLMAN 30R (Factory New)
BKOW-ButchCassidyDesperado   Butch Cassidy, The Congenial Desperado
Colt-69547   Colt Open Top Pocket Antique
BKRuGn-ComplimentColRuger   Compliments of Col. Ruger, A Study of Factory Engraved Single Action Revolvers
BKOW-Cowboys   Cowboys - The Real Story of Cowboys and Cattlemen
2059-DMoore-7-shooter   D Moore 7 Shooter Belt Revolver, Civil War
WA-Hogan-Diamond-Head   Diamond Head by Hogan Oil on Canvas
BKOW-ExplorWest   Exploring the American West 1803 - 1879
BKOW-FortsWest   Forts of the West
BKOW-40milesADay   Forty Miles A Day On Beans and Hay
BKArt-RemArtOW   Frederick Remington Artist of the Old West
Geco1919-8070   Geco Model 1919 22LR Single Shot Rifle, sn#182
BKOW-Book-of-Gunfighters   George Turner's Book of Gun Fighters
BKOW-Book-of-Indians   George Turner's Book of Indians
BKOW-AmericanFolkHeroes   Great American Folk Heroes
BKOW-GreatWestIndianFights   Great Western Indian Fights
BKGA-GuerrillaWeapons   Guerrilla Warfare Weapons
zAmmo-Hornady-17HMR   Hornady .17 HMR Varmint Express, V-MAX, 17 Gr, 500 rd Case
zAmmo-Hornady-44-40   Hornady 44-40 Winchester 205 GR Cowboy 20rd Bx
zAmmo-HSM-32-20   HSM Cowboy Action 32-20 Winchester 115 GR RNFP 50 Bx/
zAmmo-HSN-38-55   HSM Cowboy Action 38-55 Winchester 240 GR RNFP 20rd Bx
BKOW-IndianWarsWest   Indian Wars of the West
WA-JohnHill-A-Bit-of-Shade   John Hill "A Bit of Shade" Artist Proof
WA-JohnHill-Snorty   John Hill "Snorty" Artist Proof
WA-JohnHill-Team-Ropers   John Hill "Team Ropers" Artist Proof
TrophyMount-6-point-deer   Large trophy mount 6 point antlers
TrophyMount-8-point-deer   Large trophy mount 8 point antlers
TrophyMount-9-Poin   Large trophy mount 9-point buck
BKOW-LegCharactersOldWest   Legendary Characters of the Old West
Marlin-3369394   Marlin 336 Lever Action Rifle in 30-30 Win, JM
Marlin-94-8187   Marlin Model 94 25-20 Rifle 1905
Marlin-1891-9128   Marlin Model 1891 Safety Repeating Rifle 32 rimfire
Marlin-93-8835   Marlin Model 93 Sport Carbine, 30-30
Meriden-Model-10-PVT   Meriden Model 10 22cal Boys Rifle
zAmmo-Peters-30-30   Peters High Velocity 30-30 Center Fire Cartridges 4 box Lot
BKOW-CowTwnDodgeCity   Queen of the Cow Towns - Dodge City
WA-Barrymore-Quiet-Waters   Quiet Waters by Lionel Barrymore
BKArt-LtrsBunchRussell   Regards to the Bunch, Letters, Poems and Illustrations of CM Russell
BKArt-RemRussellArtists   Remington & Russell Artists of the West
Ruger-22-45   Ruger 22/45 MK678 Slabside Target
Ruger-Redhawk-8616   Ruger Redhawk 44 Mag 5.5", Box & Shipper
RSS-111030   Ruger Single Six 22lr 5.5" bbl Type 1 Roundgate 1958
RSS-117584   Ruger Single Six 22lr 5.5" bbl Type 1 Roundgate 1958
RSSM-320165   Ruger Single Six 22LR, 6.5" 1960
Ruger-Standard-8911   Ruger Standard Auto 1974
108390   S&W M&P 22 Compact Single 22LR 3.6" 10+1 Blk Poly Grip (Factory New)
Smith-MP-8481   S&W 38 Military & Police Model of 1905 4th Change
Smith-K242320   S&W K-22, 1955 Box & Paperwork
Savage1907-8827   Savage 1907 Pistol 32acp
WA-Lapp-Sedona-Landscape   Sedona Lanscape by John Lapp, Oil on Canvas
BKGA-SALexEncyc   Small Arms Lexicon & Concise Encyclopedia
BKOW-SonMorningStarCuster   Son of the Morning Star, Custer and the Little Big Horn
Stevens-Fav-0494   Stevens Favorite 22 LR Falling Block Boys Rifle
BKGA-CartridgeCollectorsNote   The Cartridge Collectors Notebook
BKGA-CollectingOfGuns   The Collection of Guns
BKArt-FrontierYears   The Frontier Years
BKArt-GreatSW   The Great Southwest
BKOW-TheGunfighters   The Gunfighters
BKOW-The-Hunting-Rifle   The Hunting Rifle
BKOW-IndianFrontier1846-1890   The Indian Frontier of the American West 1846 - 1890
BKOW-SantaFeTrail   The Santa Fe Trail
BKOW-TruthSantaAnna   The Truth About Santa Anna
UMC-32RF   UMC Arms 32RF Spur Trigger Revolver, Antique
zAmmo-WesternCrt-30-30Lubaloy   Vintage Western Cartridge Co 30-30 Lubaloy, 20rds
zAmmo-WesternCrt30-30Silvertip   Vintage Western Cartridge Co 30-30 Silvertip, 20rds
aWin-AdPoster   Vintage Winchester Repeating Rifle advertising poster
aWin92-7959   Winchester 1892 25-20 Lever Action Rifle 1915
aWin92-8813   Winchester 1892 25-20 WCF Caliber Lever Action Rifle
aWin92-8826   Winchester 1892 25-20 SRC, 1917
aWin92-230123   Winchester 1892 Carbine 25-20 1903
aWin94-1059823   Winchester 94 30-30, 1929
aWin94AE-Trapper-30-30-9142   Winchester 94 AE Saddle Ring Trapper 30-30
aWin94-8187   Winchester 94 SRC 32WS 1912
aWin9422-8853   Winchester 9422 22WMR
aWin92-376792   Winchester Model 1892 Sporting Rifle 25-20 1907
aWin03-9691   Winchester Model 1903 Semi-Auto 1904 vintage
aWin06-8178   Winchester model 1906 22LR Pump Rifle 1916
Wind-R16M4FTTCF1   Windham Weaponry M4 ORC AR-15 SA 223/5.56 16" 30+1 6 Pos Stk Blk (Factory New)

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